Attorney Jennifer Dunlap

Attorney Dunlap worked for the City of Columbus District Attorney's Office for over eight years where her primary task was to decide requests for expungements, record restrictions, retroactive first offender motions and to fix errors on Georgia criminal records as an agent of the State of Georgia. Through this employment she gained a complete understanding of the criminal record process. Now, in private practice- she puts her expertise to work for you.

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Our  Criminal Record Services

Our company offers many different services all designed to remove different kinds of entries from your criminal record

Retroactive First Offender Motion and Order

If you have one conviction you need removed from your Ga. criminal history, you may qualify for this new legal provision. Felony or misdemeanor charges are both eligible.

Georgia Criminal Record Consultation

Receive legal advice on what can be removed from your Ga. criminal history. Any consult fee is applied to any selected services.
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Motion to Seal Local Court Records

If granted, this court action orders your record sealed by the local clerks office & police department. No one can obtain copies of the court filings or police reports without another court order.

Record Restriction Appeal

If your restriction request was denied, we will appeal the decision and request a hearing before the Superior  or State Court.

Corrective Action

Select this if you believe your record has erroneous entries or is wrong in some way. The rate is an hourly rate and after your consultation, you'll receive a quote for the estimated time to repair it.

Record Restriction (Expungement)

For the removal of non-convictions, or for the removal of youthful offender convictions (under 21). This rate applies to two arrests in the same court of the same county. Bring a valid license.

Parole Board Packages

We can assist you with filing a packet with the parole board which will showcase the incarcerated defendant's family ties and positive connections to their community. This will assist the parole board in determining that your loved one no longer belongs behind bars.

Early Termination of Probation

If you have been placed on probation for an extended term and would like to end your probation early, we can file this motion in Superior court requesting that the Judge end your sentence early.

Pardon Applications

If you have been convicted of a crime that is not eligible to be removed from your record. This option is available to allow you the opportunity to obtain a pardon of your crime. Pardons many times lead to the restoration of all of your rights including the right to bear arms.

We may be able to help with any of the following scenarios:

-Denial of a gun permit due to open charges

-A "dead docketed" case showing up as an open case impeding your ability to work

-A case where you pled guilty but were not advised of your first offender options

-A case where you pled guilty but you were a youthful offender under 21

-A nolle pros, dead docket or warrant dismissal that you want off of your record

-Erroneous entries appear on your criminal record

-Many other scenarios!

payment plans available.